10 best free Icon Packs for Android (2020 edition)

It’s been a while since we reviewed and listed the best Android icon packs available on the Play Store, and while most of our older recommendations remain the main options, there are some really nice new icon packs available in 2020 and we’re sharing our selection in this new article.

First, to install and use an Icon Pack on your Android phone or tablet, you’ll need to install a third-party Launcher app that supports icon packs. Two of the most popular Android Launchers are Nova Launcher and Apex Launcher, which can be downloaded below.

Download a Launcher to use the Icon Pack:

→ Nova Launcher Prime – Download APK Free

→ Apex Launcher – Download APK Free

Now that you’ve selected and installed a Launcher, let’s take a look at some of the best free Android icon packs for 2020.

# 1 – MOONRISE – Icon pack

Moonrise is at the top of our list because of its icons based on impressive design vectors that reflect a beautiful blend of gray with a touch of color. The package includes more than 1,000 high quality icons and most popular applications are covered.

Plus, you have about 60 wallpaper options and, with the right background, these icons really shine. Try it yourself.

Moonrise Icon PackDownload

# 2 – iUX 12 – icon pack

This is a bit of a personal choice. As I don’t like the iPhone very much, I was curious to see how iOS icons appear on Android and this icon pack does a fabulous job. This specific package is vibrant and high quality and brings iOS 12 icons to your Android phone or tablet, including phone, contacts, messages, camera, gallery and calendar icons.

iUX 12 – icon packDownload

# 3 – Viral – Free Icon Pack

This probably deserves to be the highest on the list, but number 3 is the Viral icon pack, which really stands out among the dozens of icon packs that generally look the same.

The icons are beautifully designed and display a vintage look with an equally unique color palette. This may not remain your daily driver for a long time, but, along with more than 200 wallpapers, it turns your phone every time you use it.

Viral – Free Icon PackDownload

# 4 – H20 – free icon pack

The H2O icon pack comes with beautiful, minimal and colorful icons that give your monitor a new look. The design is inspired by Oxygen OS and the package comes with several alternative icons for popular applications, allowing you to manually define some icons according to your preferences.

H20 – free Icon packDownload

# 5 – OXYPIE – Icon pack

Like the H20 pack, the OxyPie icon pack has a fresh, colorful look with over 4,000 unique circular icons inspired by Android Pie and Oxygen OS. If you like the general theme here, you can switch between H20 and OxyPie to switch between square and circular icons.

OxyPie Free Icon PackDownload

# 6 – CANDYCONS – icon pack

Another colorful and fun icon pack, CandyCons focuses on Google’s material design guidelines and comes with more than 1,000 icons and multiple wallpapers. Color variants for certain icons are also supported.

CandyCons – Icon PackDownload

# 7 – Free Lines – Icon Pack

The Lines icon pack is perfect for a break from all the colorful icons. Very minimal white lines make up all the icons in this pack and it even comes with support wallpapers and a clock widget to accompany it. One notable thing about this icon pack is that it makes your wallpaper even more prominent and is perfect for darker wallpapers.

Free Lines – Icon PackDownload


Flat design is still in vogue and the Glim icon pack is a good example of that. Soft shadows and a light color palette of material design are the distinguishing features of this icon pack, which also has color variations for the most popular icons.

Glim – Free Flat Icon PackDownload

# 9 – Pixel pie icon pack – free pixel

Another view of round and colorful icons, the Pixel Pie icon pack comes with an incredible 6,000 icons inspired by flat design, bold colors and round shapes. All icons are high definition and the package also includes some wallpapers.

→ Pixel pie icon pack – free pixel icon pack – Download


As the name suggests, the Cleandroid icon pack displays minimally designed icons, with a clean and unobtrusive look. The icons are clearly inspired by the iOS and MIUI themes and the package comes with more than 2,900 icons. Icon masking is also supported for non-thematic icons and most launchers are supported.

Cleandroid UI – Icon PackDownload

That’s all for now, guys – the list above is a hassle-free collection of the best free icon packs for Android phones and tablets in 2020. While the Play Store has many more awesome icon packs, not all are free, and we will post soon our list of paid icon packs. Which of these is your favorite icon pack? Tell us through the comments below and stay tuned for more guides like this.

This publication was last modified on February 21, 2020 11:49 AM

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