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Popularly called “ADM PRO” or “ADM +” which is short for Advanced Download Manager Pro, it is a powerful tool that helps in the download speed of Android devices, always making it faster. That is, it will increase the download speed of general files on your Android device. See some features below;

Advanced Download Manager Pro features:

  • Download above three files simultaneously;
  • Speed ​​up download using multiprocessing (9 parts)
  • Download files in the background and continue after pause;
  • Interception of links from the browser and the clipboard;
  • Program icon and download progress in the notification panel;
  • Transparent progress bar at the top of all windows;
  • Notification of completion by sound and vibration;
  • Backup of the list of downloads and settings on the SD card;
  • Save different types of files in different folders;
  • Built-in browser for sites that require registration;
  • Interception of mp4 video from web pages;
  • Personalization of the interface and themes;
  • Possibility to download at scheduled times;
  • Home screen widget;
  • Create profiles for websites;
  • And much more! Advanced Download Manager Pro

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Add links from the browser:

  • Press the link and from the window “Complete the action using” Select ADM;
  • Briefly press the link to show the context menu, press “Share link” and from the “Share via” window select ADM, or press “Copy Link” and the service will intercept the link;
  • Copy the link and the service will intercept the link.


  • Press the download to start or stop the process;
  • Press the downloaded download to open the file;
  • Briefly press the download to display the context menu.

What’s new in this version of Advanced Download Manager Pro;

v10.0.9 build 100009:

  • Option settings – Browser – Disable system browser.
  • Android 7 and above: ADM block for quick settings.
  • Android 8 and above: notification channels for service icon and icon downloads.
  • Early:
  • Android 6 and above: access to memory and design over other applications.
  • Android 7 and above: Install unknown apps.
  • Android 7.1 and higher: app shortcuts and round icon.
  • Android 8 and above: adaptive icons.

Advanced Download Manager Pro at Play Store (R $ 11.99)


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