Avast Cleanup Pro Mobile v5.3.0 – Download APK Mod

Avast Cleanup Pro cleans up all deleted files, cache and thumbnails to save storage space. It frees up storage space on your smartphone and improves its performance.

Is your Android device running out of storage space or just running slow?

Ensure more storage space for your photos, videos, music and other interesting apps with the best app cleaner and optimizer. Avast Cleanup Pro cleans up any junk and can remove unnecessary files, as well as optimize the phone to speed up.

NEW feature – We also renew Avast Cleanup Pro Mobile

Avast Cleanup Pro Mobile needs to be renewed periodically. The new version is more beautiful and faster, and your favorite features and tools are easier to use than ever.

Device analysis

In-depth verification of your device’s storage, offering powerful cleaning and the best performance improvement tips and opportunities. Just tap below and see it working.

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With this Avast Cleanup Pro mod, you can take advantage of the following features:

Automatic cleaning: let Cleaning do a periodic cleaning without interrupting what you are doing.

Advanced photo optimizer: control the size and quality of your optimized photos using a preview to compare them and select the right settings for you.

Remove ads: exclude ads from your cleaning experience.

Direct support from Avast: contact Avast directly in the app to receive quick answers to your questions.

Main features of Avast Cleanup Pro:

  • ✔ Avast Cleanup Pro Mobile quickly analyzes the storage space on your Android or SD card and identifies all unnecessary data.
  • ✔ The Safe Clean feature instantly cleans up unnecessary data, cache systems, thumbnail gallery, installation files and other extra files. With just one click, you can eliminate accumulated and unnecessary application data.
  • ✔ The Advanced cleaning option provides a detailed overview of all data on your phone.
  • ✔ Categories – applications, files, media and application data – allows you to identify data from files and clear them one by one.
  • ✔ Uninstall and delete unnecessary applications with just one click.
  • ✔ Identifies the largest files, media and applications on your device.
  • ✔ The ignore list is a good way to mark data that you don’t want to clear.
  • ✔ Clean your Android and make it faster.

Avast Cleanup Pro Mobile has an easy-to-use interface: Transfer to the clouds. This feature allows you to save data to the cloud storage system more popular, Dropbox, so you can access your data wherever you want and create additional space on your phone at the same time.

Additional features:

  • Manage your device and get rid of unnecessary apps.
  • Regular cleaning of the device will guarantee extra battery, performance and speed.
  • The Cache Cleaner component checks all unnecessary files that have accumulated in the cache folder and are no longer used; works like an electronic broom.


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