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AZ Screen Recorder is a complete screencasting tool for the Android OS platform from Lollipop and above. With a simple and intuitive user interface, it offers useful features at your fingertips to allow you to make the most of your screen recording tasks. Unlike other screencasting apps, this app is delivered free of charge or, optionally, for the premium version which is ad-free. This application does not require root privileges, does not offer a time limit during recording and no manufacturer watermark.

This review of the AZ screen recorder will look at the various features that come with this app. What features make you superior? Is it worth a mandatory screen recorder for the Android operating system? All of these questions and more that you may have will be answered when you finish reading this review article. We will go deeper to cover all resources, even the smallest.

Starting with this very simple and very straightforward application. After installing this app on the Google Play Store, just start it and a floating icon will appear on the left side of the screen with the various shortcuts with which you can start the way you need to work.

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Floating sub-shortcuts allow you to open settings, capture a screenshot, record the screen, start a live stream, and even open the live stream online library. All of this is provided in an elegant way to avoid a boring user interface and increase convenience.

High quality screen capture AZ Screen Recorder Premium

AZ Screen Recorder allows you to record the device’s screen in HD quality and even FullHD, with an option to pause and resume recording, as needed. Many settings are provided for the video to ensure that you have the chosen output quality.

With this application, you will be able to select your preferred resolution, frame rate, bit rate, video orientation and also work with time lapse, setting the speed of the video. All of these options together result in a video with your favorite features.

If you are working on tutorials, promotional videos, gameplay or want to add your own comment to the video, you can capture the audio with the microphone of your choice and this application will automatically mix it with the screencast. During recording, you can also activate the taps to ensure that the viewer can actually see where the actions are directed.

In addition, you can emphasize certain areas of the recording using a real-time drawing tool. You can use it to circulate or even underline areas of interest to help the viewer better understand. A customizable countdown will be shown before recording starts with an option to manage the process in the notification bar.

To ensure that the video reaches its intended goal even better, the editing tools are at your fingertips. AZ Screen Recorder uses the following video editing options;

Trim – If the video is longer than necessary, you can use this feature to adjust it to the required playing time.
Cut in half – removes parts of the video with just a few clicks.
Convert to GIF – With the click of a button, this application will convert the recorded video to a GIF, easy and convenient to share.
Crop – adjust the video to a resolution of choice by cropping.
Add Background – In the case of vertical screencasts, you can choose from the image presets to create the final recording landscape.
Rotate – You can rotate the video to suit your preferences.
An extra feature when editing is that you can extract frames from the video and save it as screenshots.

One-click snapshots

In the floating window, you can capture screenshots with the click of the screenshot shortcut. It gets even better with what you can do with the snapshot after the capture. You can share the saved raw file, view its information as the storage path, or delete the file if you think it has not met your expectations. In addition, a wide variety of editing tools are provided, including;

Adding stickers – These stickers can be emojis or other images saved on the device that you think should be part of the original image.
Adding text – You can annotate the image with captions of your choice.
Cut – this application allows you to remove unwanted parts of the screen capture by cutting these specific areas.
Monochrome – This feature allows you to remove colors and share the image in black and white.
Drawing tool – this application allows you to draw on the screen capture as needed, when you need to emphasize an area of ​​interest when sharing.
Blur tool – This tool is provided when you need to hide sensitive information when cutting is not an ideal option on the table.
Sewing – this application allows you to combine more than one screen capture to form a single image.

AZ Screen Recorder will also allow you to share live content from your device on YouTube, Twitch or Facebook. These footage can be gameplay, a live show or any content that you think needs to be shared in real time.

Special Magic Button AZ Screen Recorder Premium

AZ Screen Recorder offers the option of a special button that plays an important role when it comes to screen recording. This button, when activated, is in the upper right area of ​​the screen and is operated by tapping as follows;

Single tap to pause / resume recording.
Double-tap to stop recording.
Press and hold to draw while recording continues.
Extra features
In addition to the above, this review of AZ Screen Recorder cannot fail to recognize additional useful features, including; option to include text / logo watermark, showing recording duration, customizing floating bubble options, show / hide the camera faster with the bubble controller, set time limit for recordings and various ways to end the screencast process. You can also customize the output directory, disable the preview pop-up.

At the end of the day, you can make a screencast that meets your preferences. This app has all the tools and options in one place. Do you think this app is an essential screen recording app on the Android operating system?

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