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If you are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other internet service that allows you to share photos, you may have seen the name FaceApp Pro … or at least seen some scary pictures of people who have turned into younger or older versions of themselves .

What is FaceApp Pro, why is it popular and how do I use it? Here’s everything you need to know!

FaceApp is a photo-morphing app that uses what it calls artificial intelligence and neural face transformations to make frightening, hilarious, strange and sometimes fascinating changes to faces. O app you can use photos from your library or you can take a photo within the app. If you have a huge photo library, you will like this: the application can scan your photo library and remove only the photos that feature faces.

FaceApp pro is a little bit like the Prismbecause it uses technologies inside the server to process your photos and add its chilling filters; This means that the photos you filter in the app are sent to the FaceApp servers.

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So, what kind of “neural face transformations” can he do?

Do you mean what filters do you have? FaceApp Pro can change your face with the following filters:

😀 Smile & 😀 Smile 2: This filter will add a smile to the face in the photo.
👶 Young: this filter will make the face younger.
👴 Old: this filter will make the face older.
👩 Female: This filter will give the female characteristics of the face.
👦 Male: This filter will give the characteristics of the male face.

I figured you might want to know how some of these filters work in practice, so I went ahead and got some pictures on the internet of people who used each one and indexed it here. Including Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo! 😈

Get magazine cover quality on any selfie with just a few taps! Developed by FaceApp Pro AI, the most advanced neural portrait editing technology. Enhance your selfie or have fun with changing gender, hairstyles and other fantastic free makeovers.


  • Hollywood Ready Selfies with Print Filters
  • Change hair color and style
  • Apply the ideal makeup for the day or night
  • Find your ideal beard / mustache style
  • Add a beautiful smile
  • Replace the background with a simple touch
  • Apply color filters, lens blur and many other tools

Have fun with FaceApp Pro!

  • Change sex
  • Let AI find its best hairstyle and hair color
  • Change your age
  • Add amazing tattoos
  • Let AI find the best style for you
  • Check out the Hitman filters, Heisenberg and several other mind-boggling transformations. FaceApp Pro;

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