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File Commander Premium is a powerful file manager for the Android operating system. You can make a worthy competition for your industry leaders. file manager

This is a popular file manager, which handles your direct duties well. With this program, you can easily open and edit all files that are on the device. This applies to both internal memory and external media. In addition, the user has the opportunity to remotely access popular cloud storage.

The application has great functionality. In addition to the standard options, it allows you to play multimedia files, archive data in bulk, delete unnecessary content, rename folders and more. In the full version of the program, there are tools to recover and delete files, as well as the ability to access hidden files and folders.

File Commander Premium is an efficient file manager that allows you to process any file on your Android device, in cloud storage or on a network location through a simple and intuitive interface. You can separately process libraries of images, music, videos, documents, as well as rename, delete, move, compress, convert and send files with just a few taps.

The latest File Commander Premium file explorer takes full advantage of Android P and features the redesigned Storage Analyzer. It shows detailed information about what takes up space on your device and provides suggestions on what you can delete or move to quickly free up internal or external storage.

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The File Converter feature (available as an add-on) allows you to easily convert files into one or more than 1,200 different formats, while Safe Mode * allows you to encrypt and hide your sensitive data.

File Commander Premium interface

As for the application interface, it turned out to be quite simple and concise. The design is minimalist and compact in all elements. The data library is on the left side of the screen. The side panels simplify the search for files and help to classify the content.

Do more with your Android smartphone or tablet.

  • A fresh new look makes File Commander the most intuitive file manager in the world
  • File Converter – performs over 1,200 types of conversions and converts files into more than
    100 other formats (available as an add-on) – File Commander Premium
  • Safe Mode * – Easily encrypt and hide your sensitive data file manager
  • The login profile can save your application settings and customizations on all devices
  • Categories for your music, image and video files, along with sections for files, documents and more
  • Sort your files by location: cloud accounts, network addresses, local files and downloads
  • Easily manage external storage, such as microSD cards and USB OTG drives (if supported)

Powerful tools put desktop resources in your pocket

  • Fully customizable home screen with quick access tiles
  • Find files on your device with quick local search options
  • Manage your files with cut, copy, paste, rename and compress operations
  • Quickly collects where you left off using the Recent files feature
  • Send lengthy file operations to the background so you can keep working.

The main advantages

  1. Simple and easy to use interface.
  2. Qualitative localization
  3. Advanced file editing functions.
  4. Ability to play various content.
  5. Instant file processing.

The main benefits of File Commander Premium are:

Premium features right at your fingertips

  • Safe Mode allows you to hide and encrypt files and folders, making them invisible outside
    File Commander Premium – File Manager / Explorer
  • Quick view of all your files and folders using the Storage Analyzer
  • Mark your files and folders
  • Recycle Bin * so you can delete and restore files
  • Access to hidden files and folders
  • No ads

The Recycle Bin file restore feature and Safe Mode are only available in File Commander Premium.

At Play Store, the Complete File Commander costs R $ 184.99, which is absurd. But here you can download for free! file manager


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