Files GO APK – Clear memory and organize your files

Google’s new “Files GO” app clears memory and organizes your files on Android

GGoogle Files Go, the web giant offers Android users a new file manager with multiple functions.

To reach the next billion users, Google often makes applications optimized for developing markets around the world. Recent examples include its Tez payment service and a lite version of Google Search. The most recent appears to be an “intelligent storage manager”. Files GO

The new application ”Files Go ”Is listed on Play Store as not released. Google is currently running an early access program, which is currently full, so most users cannot download it now. This is in line with his usual approach to applications in developing markets.

Screenshots show a simple application with two lower tabs. “Storage” indicates how much free space is available on a device and has data and media cards that can be removed. There are also other suggestions, including clearing application caches, deleting infrequently used applications, and removing “spam and duplicate images”.

Meanwhile, the second tab called “Files” groups the content by Images, Videos and Audio. These sections can be further detailed by your source, including Chat App, Camera, Screenshots and more. Files GO

One of the main features of this application is the ability to “Transfer files without internet”. Google says that this “high speed transfer” is for receiving files from close friends, with a dedicated view that shows the contacts that are in your neighborhood. A screenshot suggests that the transfer is likely to be carried out via Bluetooth.

The Go file also clears the phone, emptying the cache, removing rarely used applications, deleting spam or detecting duplicate photos. The application takes the option already available on Google Photos, and extends it to other types of files usually found on a smartphone.

The release notes on the Play Store mention that it is currently an “Early dev build” with 500 – 1,000 installations and support for Android 5.0 and higher. Download the app below, if you are interested in testing. Files GO

Download page

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