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Google released the expected Reply in 2018, an application still in the testing phase aimed at allowing it to use artificial intelligence to respond to messages from social applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram without the user having to type anything, just tap the answer.

The app proposes to read the notifications sent by these applications and offer simple and memorized suggestions for responses that can be used in situations where you are too busy to type something or send an audio. It is also worth noting that the answers are quite short, so that artificial intelligence will not be able to deceive anyone, and that is not its goal.

Google Reply Beta

Reply is still in beta, this means that it is in the testing phase and there may be bugs. Google released the app only to a few users who volunteered to participate in the beta program, but the APK of the app is already circulating on the internet and can be safely downloaded here on our website!

O AndroidFinal tested Reply before its official release. Besides being interesting, it still proves to be quite simple and with bugs when elaborating automatic responses for Portuguese. However it already works in our language PT-br, the bug in question makes it start offering answers in English, however, this bug has been fixed in the new version.

If you register your work and home address, the application will be able to offer forecasts of, for example, how long it will cost you to get to any of these places. If someone asks how long it will take you to get to your home, for example, the app can answer the estimate on foot, by car or by public transport, taking into account your current location.

Another feature that it contains is to provide the creation of automatic responses for the moment when you cannot answer at all. The application notifies the person on the other side if you are driving or if you are in the bathroom with diarrhea, for example, and offers the option to respond “urgently” if it is really important that you read that message immediately. You choose what are the moments, which can be the time you are on a honeymoon, at an important dinner or simply sleeping.

Something annoying that we find is that Reply sometimes creates a mixture of notifications, mixing your own alerts with that of your messaging application, so that you can receive two notifications for the same message in a few moments.

Reply is expected to improve with each new update, becoming more capable of offering effective responses in Portuguese. Reply is not available for download on the Play Store, so it is recommended to return to our website from time to time to see if there are any updates that must be downloaded and installed manually … or else wait for the official launch on Google Play.


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