How to download Among Us for free [Windows, Android, iOS and macOS]

Among Us is free on Android, through the Play Store, and on iOS, via the App Store. When it comes to PC, the game is distributed by Steam and only for Windows, for just over R $ 10. There is an alternative: use an Android emulator for both desktop systems and download Among Us for free. It is not complicated, I explain below how to proceed.

among us for PC

On Android and iOS (iPhone)

On smartphones there is no secret, just go to the Play Store or App Store, search for the game Among Us and download – it’s free. The links are:

Android: Among Us on the Play Store;
iOS: Among Us on the App Store.

Android emulator for Windows and macOS

Bluestacks 4

Among Us is distributed on Windows via Steam and there is no official version for macOS. So there is a need to download the Android emulator. In this case, the downloaded game will be the Play Store version, but played on the PC, with keyboard and mouse.

The emulator I will use in this tutorial is BlueStacks – one of the best known when it comes to bringing Android games to the PC. Go to the program page and download it, on Windows or macOS:

It may take a while, depending on the speed of the internet available. After installing it, you will need to connect a Google account to access the Play Store.

How to download Among Us for free on PC

  1. After the installation and configuration is finished, click on the App Center tab in the left corner of the screen;


  1. BlueStacks Android Emulator (Image: Playback / BlueStacks)
  2. Type “Among Us” in the search bar, in the upper right corner;
  3. Click on “Install”, the Play Store will open; Download Among Us on PC with free Android emulator (Image: Playback / BlueStacks)

among us by Google Play Store

  1. Click Install again;
  2. When the download and installation is complete, a screen will appear for configuring the Among Us controls on the keyboard, adjust as desired;
  3. Now just play!

Despite being an emulation of the Android version of the game, it may require more machine processing and have some crashes, depending on your computer – in my case, it was necessary to slightly reduce the video quality to run more smoothly.

These are one of the disadvantages of choosing the free alternative of Among Us on the PC or playing on the Mac (if you don’t have Windows). On the other hand, I still think it’s better than controlling the character on the mobile screen.

For those who also have Mac, I say the following: Among Us is the impostor!

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