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Today I want to talk about a truly spectacular program that you need to install immediately on your Android smartphone. The application in question is called InstaXtreme and, as the name implies, it represents a modified version of Instagram for Android (instagram mod).

This is a version especially of Instagram Mod, obviously unofficial, that adds several features to the program, features that will never arrive in the original app, but that will allow you to finally get the most out of Instagram for Android, without any limit, as you always have wanted.

You want to understand exactly what InstaXtreme offers ? Want to know what additional features are in InstaXtreme?

No problem, I have listed them all below!

Instagram mod for Android

At first glance, the InstaXtreme it may look the same as the original app on the Play Store. In reality, looking closely, the differences and improvements are endless.

Like InstaXtreme, it’s really possible:

  • has dark mode or black theme on Instagram for Android.
  • download photos from Instagram Android in one click.
  • download videos from Instagram.
  • remove the black bars above and below the Android Instagram stories.
  • see Instagram photos and stories in the highest quality possible (don’t see them grainy).
  • read Instagram messages without sending confirmation of reading.
  • disable autoplay videos on Instagram.
  • hide, block, remove and remove all ads on Instagram.
  • download and save all Instagram stories on Android.
  • and much, much more.

Have you seen how many features you get with InstaXtreme? But that is not all! There is much more to discover.

Keeping pressed the home icon in the bottom left corner of Instagram , you access a menu of settings hidden where you can:

  • Enable music on Instagram Stories.
  • Enable repost on Instagram mod.
  • Enable Instagram search on Android.

In fact , we should explore this menu for hours and hours to understand what it offers, but these are the functions that I was able to discover at the moment.

What do I think of InstaXtreme (Instagram mod)?

I can tell you that since I use InstaXtreme on my Android seems to me to have one iPhone in my hands : finally i can activate on Instagram for Android all the functions that are only available on the iPhone, a sign that the “normal” version of Instagram that is present on the Play Store is especially limited via software (probably because the Apple pays Instagram so that the Android version is limited in terms of functionality).

We are not absolutely sure about this, but 100% advise to use InstaXtreme: you’ll add to Instagram for Android many features, many of which will never be available in the official app ( download photos, videos and stories for example ).

It is a program to install immediately!

Recalling that this mod is the modification based on GBInsta, after GB abandoned the project, other developers decided to continue. Then InstaXtreme came up, which we share the new versions here.

Where to download InstaXtreme (instagram mod)?

You can download the program from the links at the end of this article, but I advise you to read everything before downloading.

Miscellaneous questions about InstaXtreme

Is it risky to use InstaXtreme? Do they steal my data?

No. The application does not save your data, when you log in the data is sent to Instagram servers. The application is 100% secure, it does not save your personal data in any way. It’s like using the original version of Instagram from that point of view. You are not at risk of banning the account, blocking data or stealing data.

Do I need to uninstall the original Instagram app?

No. You can install InstaXtreme alongside the original Instagram application. Being a “clone”, the two applications can live together on the same smartphone or tablet without any problems.

How can I uninstall InstaXtreme?

Like any other application installed on your Android. Press and hold the icon and, when the dedicated menu appears, safely uninstall the program.

Do you have any other questions or concerns about InstaXtreme? Leave a comment at the end of the article, I will reply as soon as possible!

What’s new in Instagram mod (full)

  • Download photos, videos, stories, IGTV videos
  • Removed ads for tapes and stories
  • Ability to listen to and remove stories with music without the need for a VPN (but with the addition of the story not to discover)
  • Copy and translate comments
  • Copy profile bio by clicking
  • Disable svayp tape navigation (left on camera, direct)
  • Clickable links in comments
  • Enable standard video sound
  • Disable automatic video playback (long press on the camera icon)
  • Hide exhibition stories, recordings, broadcasts
  • Direct unreadable (when enabled, messages are not marked in any way, except by sending a message)
  • Nepisalka in the directive (your interlocutor does not know that you are typing something)
  • Ability to open links in an external browser
  • Profile subscription, if the person is following you
  • Repost any stories for yourself in the story (even if the user has banned reposting all)
  • Developer settings with a long press on the home icon
  • Enlarge photo with a long press
  • Disable one
  • similar video when tapping twice Rewind video
  • Double line entry in the guideline.

Info Instagram Mod

Mod 1 – v17: Stable version

  • Ability to disable download notifications
  • Ability to disable story cutting
  • Ability to remove black bars (?) Above and below stories
  • The maximum photo quality option is now optional. Disabled by default.
  • Option to improve the quality of uploaded stories (experimental, not the fact that it will work, Instagram still squeezes everything on servers)
  • The ability to watch stories in full screen (doesn’t always work, it can also cause problems with some other activities)
  • Black theme now with white icons + some fixes
  • Clone Fixes

Mod 2 – v16: Stable version

  • Base update to
  • Ability to block the application by PIN code
  • Changed downloader, you can now use the SD card
  • Changed method of hooking ads
  • Backup settings
  • Ability to disable analytics (all statistics and insights won’t work either)
  • Ability to hide liked posts in the feed (may cause ads)
  • Ability to rearrange the navigation bar and the action bar of the main activity (General settings -> Feed settings and stories -> Action bar and NavBar settings). Don’t use it, if you switch languages ​​on Instagram manually, the icons in the action bar will disappear!
  • Ability to play stories always with sound
  • Ability to disable autoskip stories
  • Ability to download posts when receiving notifications
  • Ability to download voice messages
  • It may be something else, but I don’t remember.

Important: Instagram bug – DM upload doesn’t work (people say it was fixed on Instagram v103, but I don’t want to do the base update again now). Clone falls on the first launch because of this, but works well after an accident (I believe)

Mod 3 – v20: Black Version

  • Correct rewinding on the carousel when autoplay is enabled When non-targeting is enabled, messages will be marked as read when you send a message or manually mark them with a long press on the dialog (not inside)
  • Disappearing photos and videos will now not disappear until the links die or you don’t manually tag. You can also download them with the long press for the desired message (But they themselves will not be marked as read after viewing)
  • Rummaged through the music in the story, check it, write it down
  • Screw the button in the mod settings, if you suddenly want to say thank you. And a link to the cart.
  • Translation of fashion settings into Turkish from mamicuk.

In the mod settings, in the “Download” folder, set the download folder in the “Instagram Mod” folder (my folder is “InstaMod”), so all downloads work well. After selecting the download folder as the download folder, everything happens without errors.

Have fun with InstaXtreme, the best modified version of Instagram I’ve ever tried on Android. Since I use it, I can’t be without it anymore.



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