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Lulubox for Free Fire: the that is, how it works and download

Lulubox is a new application that has emerged to make your fun even better when playing Free Fire. With two very useful features and another visual, it is being used a lot by several players, and although it is not approved in the Play Store, it is totally safe and is NOT a hacker, but an application similar to the Play Games, from Google, where you manage your games. However, it does offer three useful options, unlike the Play Games.


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The features of Lulubox DOES NOT pose a risk to your account, there are several players who use it without problems. We say that because he doesn’t give “super powers” in the game, or anything like that. It only makes three types of “changes” when you use it; “Makes available” several skins, gives you speed in the game, and disables notifications when you are playing. Below I will explain better how each of these features works, and you will see that it is not a hacker application.

See how each feature works!

Infinite Skins Mode: This feature is responsible for “releasing” several skins for your character in the game. However, the Skins provided will only be seen by you. This means that your friends in the game will see you without a skin. This means that Lulubox makes just one simple bug, without violating the Garena Free Fire policy.

Game Speed ​​Up: This feature is very simple to understand; it makes your game faster.

Understand that it is NOT your doll that will run like a Papaléguas. It will simply clear your game’s cache and send a command to the operating system saying that game is a priority. This means that Android will focus all performance on Free Fire, and with that, your game will run lighter and faster.

Anti-interference message: Particularly, I find this feature very useful. That’s because it disables all notifications when you’re playing on Free Fire. This will avoid those annoying social media notifications, calls and operator messages during your game. This way, your gameplay will improve a lot, as you will never be interrupted again.

Now, after reading what each Lulubox feature does, do you still think it is a hacker? You certainly understood that it does not circumvent the game, but rather, it makes the game better without interfering with other players’ play.

Why should I use Lulubox?

You must decide whether to use it or not, at your own risk. However, as we can see the functions of each resource, we note that it does not go against the rules of Free Fire, this already makes it safe to use, aside from us at Android Final, we did an analysis before writing this article, and we affirm that he is safe!

Knowing this, Lulubox will be very useful for you even if you have a top cell phone, because if the Game Speed ​​Up feature is not useful for you, surely the feature to disable notifications will be useful.

And if you have a device like mine, or even an inferior one, it will be completely useful for you. Because “it will make your device more suitable for the game.”

How to use and configure Lulubox on Android

There is no mystery to using Lulubox, because it is very simple to configure. Check out!

1 – After downloading and installing, open Lulubox!

2 – Within the app, search for the game you want to play. As we are talking about Free Fire, click on Free Fire inside the app.

3 – It will display some options, these options were presented and talked about them up there in our article. After knowing which feature you will activate, just check the box.

4 – Click Play within Lulubox to open the game with the features enabled.

5 – End. Now just have fun with your new Skins and perform better without being disturbed by notifications!

Check out the video of the channel “free fire myth channel ” showing Lulubox at Free Fire!

This article was written by us from Android Final, in order to help users understand how Lulubox works, and in addition, provide the link to download it. If you like this article, don’t hesitate, share it with your friends on social media to help us bring you more articles like this.


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