Malwarebytes Premium v3.7.5.6 APK – Anti-Malware 2020

Malwarebytes Premium for Android automatically blocks dangerous threats, such as malware and ransomware, so you don’t have to worry about compromising your most-used device. Aggressive detection of adware and potentially unwanted programs keeps your Android phone or tablet running smoothly. A privacy audit tells you which applications are monitoring all of your movements. All that protection in a lean package.

However the same strong anti-malware mechanism for your desktop and laptop comes to Android along with Malwarebytes Premium. It works perfectly in the background to protect you and does an excellent job of keeping your system secure. Low resources and high, high-level benefits.

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Malwarebytes Premium Detects and removes adware and malware

Scans all files and applications quickly and effectively for malware or potentially unwanted programs, such as screen blockers or adware. Includes Malwarebytes Premium’s legendary detection of unwanted apps to free your Android device from bloatware.

Malwarebytes Premium Anti-Malware – professional search and destruction of malicious applications and advertising. It detects and removes malware, finds possible problems on the smartphone and shows what is allowed for the applications you have installed.

Automatically blocks malware and ransomware

In addition, it features real-time protection that protects your favorite device from infections. With mobile malware threats on the rise, advanced technologies prevent dangerous newbies like ransomware from entering.

Blocks calls from known and suspected scammers Malwarebytes Premium

Call Protection detects when a call is from a known or suspected scammer, then blocks the call or warns that it may be fraudulent. (Currently limited to US based calls)

Performs privacy auditing for all applications

Identifies the access privileges of all applications on your Android device, so you know exactly what information is being shared. So, keep track of which apps can track your location, monitor your calls or cost extra at hidden fees.

And the “Application Manager” will show you exactly which applications you have installed and are running on your smartphone. From there you can also suspend the work of some particularly zealous application, or even get rid of it. Available classification by name and size of memory used.

In the same section on application management, there is a subsection “Privacy auditing”, in which you can see exactly what permissions have been received by installed applications. In total, there are thirteen sections, among which, for example, “can make calls”, “have access to the network”, “can track calls”, etc.

Easy on the eyes

However, Malwarebytes Premium provides easy to understand information about the security status of your device in a design interface that is simple and clean.

Safer browsing experience

Malwarebytes Premium Checks phishing URLs in Chrome and notifies you when some are detected, to ensure you have a safer experience while browsing the web.

The “Security audit” section notifies you how vulnerable your smartphone is, namely: you can install apps from unverified sources on it, USB debugging is available and your GPS sensor is turned on, which allows you to track your location.

Features of Malwarebytes Premium:

  • Detects and eliminates malware, including spyware and trojans.
  • Scan your apps for malicious code or potentially unwanted programs
  • Alerts if the link to the malicious website is found in a text message (SMS).
  • Scan Android devices for security vulnerabilities.
  • Identifies applications that track your location.
  • Scan applications and files for malware and spyware
  • Scan automatically when files or applications are available (in real time) or only when activated manually (on demand)
  • Scan native memory and SD card
  • Auto scan schedules
  • Discover potentially unwanted programs (PUPs)
  • Auto database security update
  • Updates via the Wi-Fi network, if you prefer the access rights that define for each application in detail access privileges
  • Lomanet by category: Contacts, Identity data, a simple messaging service (SMS), as well as security settings
  • Determining security vulnerabilities on your device, provides remediation to define which applications are currently running
  • Denotes applications
  • Allows user white lists of approved applications.

Premium version Malwarebytes Premium

  • Catering is always free
  • Current users will receive real-time protection at no additional cost
  • Extended protection (Premium)
  • Encryption protection with recovery option
  • Real-time threat protection
  • Advanced scanning for modified encryption detection
  • Scans during installation
  • Home screen widgets
  • Automatically scan for phishing links.

What’s new in Malwarebytes Premium


  • Enhanced coin miner detection.
    Stability / problems fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

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