Motorola Apk Gallery – Learn how to install the Official Gallery again

Learn how to install the Official Gallery again – Motorola Gallery

With the arrival of the Moto G4 in 2016, the Motorola Gallery has disappeared from all Motorola / Lenovo devices, including the current top of the line manufacturer. I think this has to do with the sale of the Moto line to Lenovo. Download the Gallery below!

Mine, for example, is the Moto Z Play and I looked everywhere to download this blessed Gallery, and after a while, I found and decided to make it easier for you readers of ED Tuttors, making the Apk download available, because as everyone should already know, it is no longer available for the new Motorola / Lenovo devices.

As some already know, Motorola’s Galeri is one of the best there is, for me, it is the best. The Gallery was replaced by the Photos app, which for me is only useful for storing photos and videos in the cloud. I believe that other people weigh the same.

How to install the application?

To do the installation is very simple, it is the same process that we use to install any apk on Android.

Step 1. Download the app in APK format (Download below)

Step 2. Go to To set up

Step 3. Slide down until you reach Unknown Sources

Step 4. In Unknown Sources, check the box, press OK and go back to the application

Step 5. Now click on the application

Step 6. Click (INSTALL) Motorola Gallery

Step 7. Wait for the installation to finish.

Step 8. Once installed, you can explore the app. Have a good time!

OBS: If the file you download has a different size than the ones indicated here, it is because the transfer was unsuccessful and in this case the “Error analyzing package” will occur.
To correct this, you can re-download the application until the file is completely downloaded and the size is the same as described below.
Another alternative is to try on other browsers.
If so, as a last resort you can download it on your PC and transfer it to Android. It will only work when you are able to download the file completely. Unfortunately some devices are unable to download files at first. Motorola Gallery

Download page

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