MusicAll Premium v2.0.29 – No Ads – Download APK

MusicAll is an application for you to listen to music online and offline just like Spotify. If you are looking for a free alternative to Spotify, you will most likely love this app called MusicAll, because with it, you can listen to free music both offline and online without any limitations, you will only have to choose between downloading the option with ads to help developers or get ads, the rest is just fun and lots of music.

Now that we know that with this app we can listen to several songs online and offline and make a playlist to listen to whenever and wherever we want, let’s go to some features that stand out on both the positive and negative sides of MusicAll. Check below the features and the application download.

MusicAll features

The application interface is very modern, making the application quite beautiful.


The MusicAll application player is very modern and beautiful, it has several features and always with elegance.


The AD (Ads) of the application is well located so as not to interfere with the navigation of the application. However, if you don’t want ads on your MusicAll, you can choose to download the version WITHOUT ads on it app.


MusicAll is all in English, some words are difficult to translate (for lay people), but others are easy. I advise you to see some images to see if you will like it.

How to install MusicAll in APK format on mobile or Tablet?

Step 1 – Download the app in Apk format (Download below)

Step 2 – Scroll to (SETTINGS)

Step 3 – Slide down until you reach (UNKNOWN SOURCES)

Step 4 – Check this option, press OK and go back to the application

Step 5 – Now click on the app

Step 6 – Click on “INSTALL” (In case of Analysis error, delete and download again)

Step 7 – Wait for the installation to finish.

Step 8 – Once installed, you can explore MusicAll. Have a good time!


Click on the image to open in full screen.

Download Page

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