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Perfect Player Premium is one of the most beautiful and popular IPTV players worldwide, it is well known for being an excellent IPTV list player compatible for both Android Smartphones and Box TVs. With this player you will have a broad view of the channels, with an appearance that closely resembles a Smart TV system, you will literally have a TV inside the Smartphone. You can also find IPTV lists by accessing our current IPTV list page!

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Remembering that this player does not contain any pre-configured IPTV list, when you download it, you will have to configure a list of your choice, as this is usually how the players work.

Note: For the best playback experience, try different Decoder Settings options.

Check below some characteristics of this player

Perfect Player Premium is an advanced and complete Media Player / IPTV

  • with pleasant semi-transparent OSD and the ability to control full-screen playback.

Multilingual support

  • English, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian

Playlist formats supported

EPG formats supported by Perfect Player Premium

Udpxy support (UDP-TO-HTTP proxy)

Watching, scanning, generating playlists

Perfect Player Premium supports video plugins

To watch videos online (eg your plugin)

Scalable OSD and OSD menus are processed correctly with any window size and resolution

Advanced management list channels

  • Program maintains all channel list settings that will not be lost after updating playlists
  • Working with multiple playlists and EPGs at the same time
  • Defining logos and EPG (manual and automatic mapping)
  • Managing channel groups (add, edit, remove groups)
  • Define radio channels and time zone changes
  • Rename, hide / show channels

Channel scan

  • In the absence of a signal channel, they are labeled as unsigned and excluded from the playlist end until the signal appears again

Channel presence check

  • Channels lost in the provider list are marked as lost before they occur or can be removed from the final playlist

Channel list classification hold

  • by group, sort by name, by group, within the selected group, move the grouped channels to the top, move the hidden channels down, set the provider order

Exporting playlists and EPG

  • Fully compatible with automatic playlist and EPG generation for the IPTV-Simple add-on.

What’s new in this version of Perfect Player Premium

Added more options to access voice channel search (full version feature):

-> Long “right” key press during playback
-> Press “Search” key

Better “Catchup” compatibility


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