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With the Play Store Pro app and game store, you can download a variety of apps and games for free on your Android device. And it’s not just the free games and apps that are on the official Play Store store, but almost all that are paid there, here you will find it totally free for you to install in an easy, fast and simple way, with maximum security and virus-free. Because almost all applications are checked before being posted in the store, I say almost, because there is always one, just like in the official store of the Play Store. So, what are you waiting for? You can download Play Store Pro apk free and safe right now, download the official and updated version of the app!

This version is known as Play Store Pro because it contains apps and games for free. With the Play Store Pro app we have several options to download fun apps (Pro and Premium) for free. Therefore, you can choose from hundreds of thousands of applications and games available within the platform, once downloaded and installed, the application will show a screen with several other applications and games available for you to download unlimited.

However, enjoy and use this excellent tool that I particularly find incredible, and don’t forget to share the content by clicking on the share buttons.

The Play Store is well known among priall users of the siAndroid operating system, and is currently the app store that has the most apps and downloads of all existing operating systems, so most apps and games are completely safe, (I don’t speak them all because there are flaws and you should know that. ) because an infected app always appears on the platform, but this is almost impossibleíIt is possible to be avoided, since with so many apps, it is almost impossible to check everyone for viruses, so always pass some. So remember that this one is no different, you need to use it with caution.

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What is the difference between Play Store and Play Store Pro?

The difference between the two app stores is very simple to understand, the PRO version is nothing more than a project that looks similar to the official Play Store. However, applications and games in the Pro version are all free, regardless of whether they are paid for in the official version of the app. It also distributes apps and game mods.

Below you can check the video I made about this application, and see in detail how it works.

Features available in the app

  • Applications mods.
  • No ads.
  • Easy to find apps.
  • Displays the applications you have installed and those you downloaded through the mod store.
  • Download manager: which you will see the applications being downloaded or updated.
  • Option to show and update your device’s outdated apps.
  • Almost all apps from the Play Store mods for you!
  • Download and install immediately in a manner similar to the Play Store.
  • And much more.

Learn how to download and install the Play Store Pro apk!

how to install applications from our website;

To install applications and games from our website, you just have to search the download folder on your device for the apk file, after finding it, just click and install normally. However, remember that the Unknown Sources on your device needs to be enabled! However, if not, the installation will not work.

First of all, download the latest version from the app store on the green button called “Download” above or just below.

1 – After the download is complete, go to your device’s DOWNLOAD directory using a file manager. Use the default file manager or use the ES File Explorer Manager.

2 – Search for the APK file called “Play Store Pro v13.3.4.apk” and click on it to start the installation. Then follow the installation steps until they are completed.

3 – Now just go to your app drawer and open normally like any other app.

4 – If there are any parsing errors or other errors, delete the apk you downloaded and download it again.

Usually apk installation errors are common because you have not downloaded the full file. So always check the size before downloading.

Learn how to download and install apps from the Play Store Pro!

To install the apps and games from the Play Store Pro app, it’s very simple and easy. However, just click on the app or game and then click on install. And so it will be installed automatically.

1 – Choose the application you want to install,

2 – Click on it to open its page with the description, images and the download button,

3 – Click Download and wait,

4 – During the download process, never close the Play Store Pro app, because if you close the download it will stop and the apps will not be downloaded.

Info Play Store Pro

  • Requires: Android 4.0 or higher
  • Mod: Play Store
  • Mod: New ícone (2018)
  • Bug fixes
  • Added basic translations
  • MOD developed by: based on ACMarcket

Note: Other websites distribute the Play Store Pro application, however, only our website distributes the Official (Original) version, which is a mod that we make of the application ACMarcket. Therefore, we advise you to be careful, as some cyber criminal may distribute the application with viruses to you. So, I didn’t trust to download our mod from other sites besides ours.

Our opinion

The application is undoubtedly excellent, as it provides an excellent way for you to install mod applications on any Android device. However, it alone is not enough for most users, as it does not have all the applications and mods that are currently available for Android. A great example is himself, because you will not be able to update it directly in the application, you will always have to come to our website to make updates to it.

However, remember that regardless of updates, it may have outdated applications and games. However, even with these negative points and some flaws. Without a doubt it is a great app for games and mod apps, being the first and best app store for mod apps already existing so far, and without a doubt I highly recommend it to you!

What do you think of this replica of the Play Store? Tell us through the comments!


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