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Polarr is a free, multiplatform application. This image editor can be used for deep color correction and to make basic adjustments to the skin on your face. Polarr pro can be considered one of the best free photo editors. Its design is more intuitive and accessible than complex programs like Photoshop.

Among the tools, you’ll find curves, HSL, presets, custom filters and more. A good bonus will be a space for additional work for artists. There you can create projects from scratch, draw images or web design using dozens of customizable brushes and palettes.

Can Polarr Pro replace Lightroom?

Yes, if we are talking about the free version for beginners. The paid version is similar to the price of Lightroom. But it offers fewer functions and features – so buying Polarr pro will not be advantageous – however, you can download the pro version for free here on our website.

I have almost no complaints about the free version of the editor. But I have a question about the premium version – why should I only work with JPEG images for $ 9.99 a month? I shoot in RAW and I am used to working with this format in the post-processing phase of the images. JPEG editing significantly reduces size and quality.

Speaking of the mobile version, I don’t recommend using Polarr if you need deep color correction and advanced skin correction features. Due to the incorrectly designed interface, the use of almost all tools is inconvenient and irritating. Furthermore, I have not found a way to select the specific area of ​​the image, as offered in Lightroom Mobile.

Of the positive aspects, it remains that the application is available in both the free version and the Pro version. The difference is almost invisible, with the exception of some new filters and effects.

Polarr is an excellent alternative to Photoshop and Lightroom, but only in the free version. It makes no sense in the paid version because, although a little, it is inferior in functionality.

The Light tool consists of 8 sliders:

The Light tool consists of 8 sliders: dehaze, exposure, brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, white and black, with which I overestimated the contrast, shadows and some other parameters, making the image more saturated and captivating. The app is inferior compared to the full-fledged Polarr. Since the accuracy of this tool has dropped significantly, moreover, retouching is not done smoothly, the photo constantly contracts.

You can change the color temperature using the color tool, making the image more realistic. The correction is available with four sliders: temperature, hue, vibration and saturation. I spun some of them. The tool works quite accurately, but the smoothness is not enough to prevent the image from contracting.

You can edit skin, face, eyes, nose, mouth and teeth with the latest Facial tools provided. I had many problems and doubts with him. First, the tool, like almost everything, is poorly developed. Therefore, the image contracts constantly, preventing you from correctly setting a certain indicator.

Secondly, this is the accuracy of the instrument itself, compared to the PC version, I was not satisfied, because if you take and set the same parameters on the selected sliders, the difference is visible and huge.

When working with tools like Filters, Crop and Overlays, I didn’t notice the difference.


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