SD Maid Pro v4.15.15 APK – System Cleaner

If you are looking for a cleaning app, SD Maid Pro is right for you! Because in addition to organizing your files, it cleans your device, removing the waste that applications leave. And did you know that even after uninstalling apps, they still leave traces on your device? That is why the SD Maid Pro application exists to clean these tracks (garbage) and, with that, make your device lighter, faster and with more internal memory. If you need this app, click the green button to download SD Maid Pro apk on your Android device!

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SD Maid is an application and file management tool that will help you keep your device clean and organized! It has a collection of tools to manage files and apps. Nobody is perfect, not even Android, so apps that have already been uninstalled leave something behind. Examples: Logs, crash reports and other files that you don’t really need are constantly being created. And with that your storage is accumulating files and directories that you don’t recognize. Clean your device with this app right now!

In quick access you will find

  • Corpse Finder
  • System Cleaner
  • Application Cleaner
  • Data base
  • Examine and Rotate button

In the menu you will find the following options

  • Quick access
  • Overview
  • Explorer
  • Search Engine
  • Application Control
  • Cadiz Locator
  • System Cleaner
  • Application Cleaner
  • Duplicates (Deletes duplicate files on your device.)
  • Storage analyzer
  • Data base


  • Planning
  • Exceptions
  • Statistics
  • Update histories
  • settings

See some more features of SD Maid Pro

  • Browse your entire device and manipulate files through a complete file explorer.
  • Remove unnecessary files from your system.
  • Manage system and user installed apps.
  • Detect files previously belonging to uninstalled applications.
  • Search files by name, content or date.
  • Get a detailed view of your devices’ stores.
  • Optimize databases.
  • Clean up the current application and remove expandable files, which replaces what others might call “cache cleanup”.
  • Detect duplicate photos, music or documents, regardless of name or location.

Run the tools automatically by scheduling or using widgets.

What’s new in this version of SD Maid Pro


• Pequenas otimizações
• Atualizações de biblioteca e dependência.


• Detecção de propriedade atualizada. 
• Corrigido alguns possíveis falhas. 
• Pequenos ajustes na interface do usuário. 
• Pequenas melhorias.


• Muitas melhorias, correções e novas funcionalidades (mais de 50 bilhetes fechados!)
• Melhorias relacionadas ao Android P.
• Suporte instantâneo a aplicativos em dispositivos com raiz.
• Verificação mais rápida de aplicativos e menos recursos ao executar várias ferramentas de uma só vez.
• Revisão do código da interface do usuário.
• Novas rotinas para detectar resquícios e filtros aprimorados para caches ocultos.

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