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Sleep as Android Premium is a smart alarm clock that follows the phases of sleep, so waking up is easy and the morning starts without stress. The application will select the ideal time for a pleasant awakening. The usual alarms ring at the specified time and pay no attention to the delicacy of sleep. However, this smart alarm will give you a signal to wake up at the most appropriate time, and the sound will gradually increase, to ensure that you wake up at that time stipulated by the app.

In the conventional alarm clock, standard sounds are used as signals. In Sleep as Android Premium you choose which sound you wake up the best, be it the sound of the waves, the song of cicadas, the song of birds in the forest or the sound of rain. All information in the sleep process will be saved and displayed in informative graphics, analyzing what you can conclude about the quality of the rest and its sufficiency. The application will register if you snore or speak in a dream, because that may be the reason for contacting a doctor.

Intelligent alarm clock that records sleep cycles. Be gently awake, at the ideal time for the most pleasant mornings.

Sleep as Android on Play Store costs $ 20.99

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Sleep as Android Premium features:

  • Smart alarm clock that records sleep cycles (2 weeks for evaluation)
  • Graphical sleep history.
  • Sleep deficit, sleep statistics and snoring statistics.
  • Sleep recording with Pebble Smartwatch support.
  • Sharing with social networks (Facebook, Twitter).
  • Soft alarms with sounds of nature (birds, sea, storm and more)
  • Music playlist as alarm.
  • Nature sounds with binaural touches to fall asleep faster.
  • CAPTCHA checker to make sure you are awake (math, counting sheep,
    shake the phone, QR code in the bathroom or an NFC tag)
  • Night speech recorder, snoring detector and anti-snoring.
  • And more functions waiting to be explored!
  • For more information, see the Sleep as Android Premium Quick Guide, Documentation.


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