Spotify Premium v8.5.82.894 (Final Mod) – Download APK

Spotify is the most widely used streaming service worldwide, it has two versions of the app, the free version (full of ads and limits) and the Spotify Premium version (but used by people who are financially able.) However, thinking in the public that is unable to pay a monthly fee for the service, some developers decided to make a version (mod) of it available, containing almost all the features of Premium.

Here on our website you can download this version (mod) with total security and ease, however, before downloading, let’s get to know this (mod) better!

We will present some or all of the features that this (mod) brings to Spotify Premium. Check out the available resources below!

Features of Spotify Premium (Mod):

  • First and very important: Anti-ban is present!
  • Free from interruptions: No Ads
  • Pass the track as many times as you like: Unlimited music exchange.
  • Quality is very important: Listen to your music in top quality!
  • Totally free: Listen to your music without worrying about monthly fees.

Feature that is NOT included:

  • The possibility to download music and listen offline: This feature is not available.

After all, is Spotify Premium (mod) really safe?

Without a doubt I say yes! I’ve been using this (mod) for years, and I never had any problems, before making Spotify Premium apk available, we ALWAYS checked with several antivirus to find out if it really is safe, and until today, we never found a virus or any privacy problem, for so much, you can download, install and use without fear.

The reason why Spotify Premium is so secure, like the one you download from the Play Store, is because it is the original app, the same source code, the only thing the dev does is to release some features, and nothing more.

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You can download the Spotify Premium APK below, have fun!

Final Mod

  • Spotify Connect Unlocked
  • FWD button added to the information bar / tablet mod
  • Visual ads blocked
  • Audio ads blocked
  • Searching enabled
  • Unlimited Shuffle
  • Choose any song
  • Unlocked extreme audio
  • Repeats enabled
  • Note: Some features require paid subscription because you are connected directly to the server.

Mod Lite

  • Based on Spotify Premium Mod Final (MrDude credits)
  • Optimized graphics and clean features for fast loading
  • Receivers and unwanted services disabled / removed
  • Analysis disabled
  • All calls for ads and services from the removed activity
  • Google Play services dependencies removed
  • Support only for arm- Spotify Premium device
  • Languages: en, Ru
  • Note: Some features that use the server require a paid subscription.

Mod v2 Info: (Not available)

  • Login with old accounts can use mod V1 and work well.

Mod v2 Info: (Not available)

  • Login with new accounts must use the v2 mod or they will be disconnected – however, the v2 mod does not work with old accounts, as the fwd / play buttons etc. are absent.

ATTENTION: Version refers to the version of Play Store, the Final MOD version is


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